Zoom Stereo Microscope RSMr Series



Optical system APO, Parallel Zoom, Long working distance APO Objectives , Extra wide field WF10X with FOV 24mm Eyepiece, LED, Coaxial*, Cold Light* illumination, 100Watt Hg, LED, Fiber Optic* Fluorescent observation, 300X Highest Magnification.

Optical system APO, Parallel Zoom
Illumination LED, Coaxial, Cold Light fiber Optic
Viewing Head 20°, Ergonomic Tiltable 0-30°
Eyepiece Extra wide field WF10X with FOV 22mm
Stage Large stage with handrest
Objectives Long working distance APO
Zoom Max. Zoom 12:1
Stand With one/two step focussing
Camera Port Single, Dual Port Option
Fluorescence 100Watt Hg, LED, Fiber Optic(Optional)
Fluorescence Filter Four filter attachment*
Other Contrast Dark-field(optional)
Motorized Control optional
Certification CE, UL, ISO
Description Item Code RSMr-12 RSMr-10 RSMr-8 RSMr-6
Optical System   Greenough Optics Zoom System
Total Magnification *   4x-576x 4x-480x 4x-384x 4x-300x
Objective RSAPO 05
Plan APO 0.5x WD 180mm N.A.0.5
Plan APO 1.0x WD 80mm N.A.0.1
Plan 1.25x WD 60mm N.A.0.125
Plan 2.0x WD 35mm N.A.0.2
Eyepiece Tubes   Standard Binocular, Low Eye-Level Binocular
Eyepiece Inclination RSBI
20° (Standard Binocular and Low Eye-level Binocular)
0°-30° (Tilting Binocular)
Inter-Pupillary Distance   48-75 mm. (1.9" - 3.0")
Eye-Pieces with Diopter Adjustment RSE 10
RSE 10i
RSE 15
RSE 20
RSE 30
WF 10X (F.N. 22)
WF 10X (F.N. 24)
WF 15X (F.N. 20)
WF 20X (F.N. 12.5)
WF 30X (F.N. 7.0)
Zoom Range   0.8X - 9.6X 0.8X - 8X 0.8X - 6.4X 0.8X - 5X
Zoom Ratio   1:12 1:10 1:8 1:6.3
Illumination Systems RSMLED

Epi-illumination, Incident & Transmitted 5W LED, Intensity / Brightness control for Brightfield, Oblique & Darkfield illumination mode.
Fibre optic light source with single or double flexible light pipes.
Co-axial illuminator 12V-100W Halogen
Circular Fluorescent Illuminator
Stands RSMST
Plain Focusing Stand with stand plate
Co-axial Coarse and Fine Focusing Stand with stand plate
Gemological Stand with stand plate
Camera Attachment RSMP1
Single Camera Tube with 0:100/50:50
Double Camera Tube with 0:100/50:50
Optional Accessories Ergo Head, Teaching Head, Dark Field Attachment, Articulated Boom Stand, CCD/CMOS Camera System, Dual Viewing Attachment & Drawing Tube, Analysis Software & Flexible Arm LED/Halogen illuminators etc.


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