Advanced Inverted Research Microscope RTC-7EX



RTC 7 Series inverted medical microscopes are ideal for life cells and tissue culture Research. Infinite Optical System, 30W, 50W/100W, LED Illumination, Long Working Distance PLAN, Fluotar, APO, APO Phase Objectives, Long Working Distance, High NA, Swingout Condenser, Phase Contrast Apodized Positive/Negative, CE, UL, ISI, ISO certification.

Optical system Infinite optical system, Color corrected
Illumination LED / 50W, koehler illumination, Auto Cut Off
Viewing Head Ergonomic Sidentop Binocular/Trinocular Head with Camera Port Inclination 45° Rotatable 360° with IPD 48-75mm
Nosepiece Quintuple/Sextuple nosepiece
Objectives LWD Plan / LWD Plan Phase / LWD Plan Fluotar/LWD Plan Apo
Eyepiece Diopter adjustable High Point Wide-field WF 10X with FOV 22/25mm (Optional Diopter adjustable eyepieces)
Mechanical Stage Fixed stage 232×230mm with 3point support, Attachable stage travel range 130x85mm
Condenser (Fixed Pre-centered N.A. 0.30 W.D.72mm/) Cenetrable Swing-out N.A.0.50 W.D. W.D.115mm (3/4 Position Slider for PH4X, PH10X/20X, PH 40X, Centerable Analus /Phase Ring)
Focusing Coaxial, Tension control & Upper limit stopper High Sensitivity Focus Drive with 0.01mm per revolution
Observation Bright Field / Phase Contrast/ Apodised Phase Contrast/ Fluorescence
Model FL120 FL120PC FL200
Lamp Wattage/Type 120W Mercury Vapor hort Arc 120W Mercury Vapor Short Arc 200W Mercury Vapor Short Arc
Panel Controls Power On/Off, Intensity Control Power On/Off, Mode Select, Adjust Up/Down, Start/Stop Power on/off, shutter open/close, manual iris adjustment dial
Panel Display Accumulated lamp usage & lamp status indicators Iris setting (100%, 50%, 25%, 12%, 0%), Accumulated lamp hours, exposure time (0.2-999.9 sec), lamp on, shutter open, lamp warm up, lamp /shutter status messages Manual IRIS control,Accumulated lamp hours, Lamp status messages Lamp on, Shutter open, light guide insertion
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