Inverted Medical Microscope RTC-5 Series

RTC Series


Entry level inverted Bright field & Phase contrast microscope for college/universities, testing labs , Achromatic 4X, 10X, LWD-20X & LWD-40XSL or Phase Contrast 4X, PH 10X & PH LWD-20X & PH LWD-40X SL Objectives Coaxial Coarse & fine focus mechanism , Kohler 20W inbuilt illumination , Available in Binocular/ Trinocular Observations

Key Features
  • Long working distance
  • Phase contrast
  • Extended Stage
  • Fluorescence attachment
Optical system Infinite optical system, Color corrected anti-fungal coatings
Illumination kohler's LED 3W/6V30W halogen pre-centered
Viewing Head Sidentopf Binocular/Trinocular 2 Position , inclinations 30°, Diopter adjustable IPD 48-75mm
Nosepiece Quintuple, Inward with slot POL/DIC
Eyepiece Super wide field WF10X with FOV upto 25mm
Mechanical Stage 3 Point support, fixed stage 250x160mm, detachable mechanical stage travel range 120x80mm ,with low position control knobs & adjustable height, Stage extension plates
Objectives Long working distance PLAN Infinity , Plan Phase ,Fluotar, APO
Condenser Extra LWD N.A. 0.30,72mm high NA, (150mm without condenser)
Focussing Co-axaid coarse & fine focus control, tension adjustable, coarse stroke 37.7mm, fine strock 0.2mm/Rotation LC 0.02mm.
Phase Slider 3 Position Center able, PH 10X/20X, PH40X, Bright-field
Fluorescence 3 Position Filter Slider ,100W Hg/ LED/ fiber optic
Fluorescence Filter Wide, Narrow Band Pass, Multi Band
Phase Contrast Apodized
Certification CE, UL, ISI, ISO
Additional accessories Ø 35mm tersaki holder, Ø 54mm petri dish holder, steel & glass stage insert
Optional accessories
  • Ergonomic Tilting Observation Head 5°-30° FOV 22-25mm
  • Fluorescence Attachement
  • 0.5x/0.65x Parfocal Camera Adapter

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