RXLr-5 Nexcope

RXLr-5 Nexcope


RXLr-NEXCOPE Series Research Microscopes have been deisgned with the most advance “RFI” Optical System With newly launched S-APO & PLAN-APO having higher N.A. delivering world class optical performance with excellent resolution and uniform brightness even for the weakest signals like from fluorescence and DIC methods

RXLr-NEXCOPE Series Advantages
  • Expandability of the system
  • High Performance PLAN ,PLAN-F ,S-APO & PLAN APO Objectives
  • Automation
  • Rigidity & Ergonomics
  • Price to Performance Ratio
  • Energy Savings

THE RXLr- NEXCOPE delivers excellent optical performance in all microscopy techniques. Rigid & Ergonomically designed observation & convenient located controls, makes you work easier and fatigue free.

THE RXLr- NEXCOPE-M , in addition to it’s predecessor it make your work more faster & Efficient. All thanks to the utomation , it helps you to really work fast & getting rid of adjusting the condenser. The newly deignedMotorized Nosepiece works in Sync with the condenser, Just change the objective with keyboard located in front of microscope , the condenser Swings In/Out automatically as per the objective magnification.

RXLr-5 Nexcope Series