Life Sciences

Radical covers complete range of educational microscope for Schools, Colleges, Hobbyist, etc. We have designed these microscopes in keeping view of cost effectiveness, student friendly construction, Superior Optical Performance, ease of use, and low on maintenance.From Life Science to Material Science to Geology, we offer wide range of solution for all levels of classrooms.

Educational Microscopes

Educational microscope with built-in LED illumination offers consistent long-term performance for educational use. This cost-effective microscope system can

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Laboratory Clinical Microscopes

Complete satisfaction all aspects; be it be your research work, teaching or analysis. Precisely designed to meet desired results in Bright-filed, Dark field, Phase Contrast

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Microscopy Cameras

Radical imaging solutions provides wide range of cameras to meet your budget & application, in partnership with Jenoptik-GmbH, Radical has launched its OEM camera series ProgRes Indi developed for especially for Radical make microscope .

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Software Based Solutions

Our microscope camera software solutions are compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux. These are easy to install and you can get to work

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Infrared Cameras For Life Science

We offer you a wide range of the latest infrared camera models.Our product range comprises entry level devices, professional and universal cameras, high-end solutions and industrial thermal cameras.

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As we are continuously improving & developing our products, this websites may not be updated with advancements done. However, we try our best to update the website for latest information's
For complete updated specifications, please do ask for latest brochures

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