Manufacturing & Quality Control

In Manufacturing, Quality Control is a process used to ensure products meet a company's quality requirements before they are sold into the external market. Quality control in manufacturing emphasizes the importance of thoroughly examining and testing the quality of products to find defects.

Quality Control Microscopes

Radical Product Group is a collection of scanning electron microscopes for industrial microscopy solutions which help to improve quality control, production capacity, and profitability.

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Optical Measuring Equipments

Radical toolmaker microscopes and profile projectors are available for assessing many types of workpiece where a non-contact measurement method is deemed the most effective.

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Video Measuring Machines

XYZ Manual Video Measuring Machine Series, Ergonomic Shape with granite Pillar, Adjustable 4 division LED Illuminator, Light control by panel & software, Leaser assisted positioning system, Advanced measuring software

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Hardness Testers

Hardness Tester can be used to determine the vickers hardness of steel, non-ferrousmetals, ceramics, treated layers of metal surface & hardness grades of carburized, nitrided & hardened layers of metals.

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Infrared Cameras For maintenance

Thermal Imaging detects maintenance problems before they become acute and expensive. Conducting a thermogram with a thermal imager is a technique to examine the condition of the equipment.

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Infrared Automation For Industry

Control temperature distributions and temperature developments automatically - InfraTec develops or widens your process control with infrared camera systems.

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