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Heating Mantles


  • The heating mantle is used in laboratories to heat or temper certain media in glass vessels. Due to the various sizes of the glass vessels, the exact amounts of liquids which are necessary can be heated.
  • It also offers a relatively safe way to heat flammable organic liquids in a round bottomed flask.
  • The body of the mantel is made of mild steel which is duly powder coated.
  • The inside basket is made of special grade glass wool.
  • It withstands high temperatures of up to 350°C.
  • The temperature can be set directly on the heating mantle by means of a step less variable rotary switch.
  • The heating time is very short, thus saving time and the heat is distributed evenly.
  • It works on 220/230 V AC.
  • Specification :- Same as above Digital Heating Mantles

    Capacity Wattage
    50ml 60
    100ml 60
    250ml 150
    500ml 200
    1 litre 300
    2 litre 450
    3 litre 600
    10 litre 2x500

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