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Confocal Microscopes


Confocal microscope is a high-end product in Radical Optics microscope series. It is designed as an essential microscopy tool for laboratory scientific research, providing powerful and stable imaging capabilities and highly integrated motorization capabilities.
Efficient scanning head, detector and CVT motorized small hole, coupled with powerful optical system, provides fast, stable, high signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio confocal image.
Confocal Microscope provides a variety of motorized parts, including: motorized stage, motorized focusing, motorized nosepiece, motorized fluorescent carousel, motorized condenser and motorized brightness adjustment, operation mode allows physical button operation and software operation, and provides calling commands, which is convenient for users to control and develop by themselves.

  • High resolution images can be generated with a single click operation, The software will automatically calculate size of the small hole according to objective numerical aperture, exposure value and scanning range, so as to obtain the image with the optimum signal-to noise(S/N) ratio.
  • At same time, noise reduction algorithm can remove the background noise in real time and improve image quality. Multi-channel images can be collected and synthesized simultaneously, which is convenient for customers to realize real-time observation of multiple stains.
  • By setting top position, bottom position and movement interval, the Confocal microscope motorized Z axis can realize automatic Z-Stack acquisitionand generate 3D model.
  • Providing various microscope motorized control interfaces: motorized objective carousel, motorized fluorescent filter unit, motorized condenser turntable.
  • Motorized stage control and motorized focusing mechanism could locate the Region of Interest (ROI) immediately through the software and record the position so that the user will be able to return to the recorded position quickly.
  • Part Name Part Code Description
    Optical System RCiOS NIS60 infinite optical system(F200)
    Eyepiece RCEP1025 10×(25),EP17.5mm,adjustable diopter -5 ~ +5,Interface Φ30
    Viewing Head
    RCTST45 Seidentopf trinocular tube, inclined at 45°, interpupilary distance 47-78mm, eyepiece interface Φ30, fixed visibility; 1) eyepiece/camera switch(100/0,50/50,0/100);2) visualization/turn off visualization/bertrand lens position adjustable
    Nosepiece RC-6N Motorized sextuple nosepiece (expansion slot), M25×0.75
    Condenser RABC 6-Position motorized control NA0.55,WD26;phase contrast (10/20, 40, 60 optional), DIC(10X/20X/40X) optional empty hole
    Illumination RC10WL Transmitted kohler illumination,10W LED illumination
      Epi-Illumination: wide-field fiber illumination; 6-position motorized fluorescent carousel (B,G,U standard outfit), motorized fluorescent shutter
    Mechnical Stage RCMC Motorized control: moving range 130 mm x 100 mm ( 325 mm x 144 mm ) maximum speed: 25mm/s; resolution: 0.1μm - repeat accuracy:3μm. mechnical adjustable slice clamp
    Focusing RXF10 Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, stroke: focus up 7 down 2; coarse stroke 2mm per rotation, fine stroke 0.002mm per rotation, manual and motorized control, minimun stroke 0.01um under motivated control.
    Objective RC10 10X, NA 0.45, W.D. 4.0mm,cover glass thickness 0.17
      RC20 20X, NA 0.75, W.D. 1.1mm,cover glass thickness 0.17
      RC60 60X, NA 1.42, W.D. 0.14mm,cover glass thickness 0.17, Oil
      RC100 100X, NA 1.45, W.D. 0.13mm,cover glass thickness 0.17, Oil
    Intermediate RCI Manual 1X,1.5X、Confocal switching
    Output Port RCOP Splitting Ratio: Left:Eyepiece=100:0; Right:Eyepiece=100:0
    DIC Plate RCDP 10X,20X,40X Plate; Can be Inserted in Nosepiece Slot; Optional
    Controller RCC Rocking Bar, Controller Box,USB Connection Cable
    Laser Unit RCLU Laser 405 nm,488 nm,561 nm,640 nm
    Detector RCD Wavelength: 400-750nm,Detector:4 PMT
    RCS Maximum Pixel Size: 4096
    Scanning speed: 2fps(512X512),18fps(256X256), 0.5fps(1024X1024),0.12fps(2048X2048), 0.03fps (4096X4096)
    Scan Mode RCSM X-Y, X-Y-Z, X-Y-T
    Pinhole RCPH Hexagon shape, Continuouslv Variable Transmission(CVT)
    Confocal RCCF Field number Square Inscribed in a φ18mm Circle
    Image bit depth RCIBD 12 bits
    Compatible Microscopes
    RCCM NIB950 Full Motorized Inverted Microscope

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