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Slide Scanner


The digital slide scanning range offers exceptional image quality, speed and reliability for whole slide imaging, making Nx Series scanners the optimal choice for healthcare and research professionals.

Unique Magnetic Absorption Type Glass Plate
Ensure accurate positioning of glass plate; Avoid repeated friction during loading and unloading, ensure smooth loading , and prevent sliders from falling and breaking during operation.

Scanning Software Features
- Real-time autofocus
- Real-time accurate positioning to view the scanned slide, equivalent to the function of microscope observation.
- Display image current position parameters and organization information parameters in real time
- When there are multiple pieces of tissue on the same slide, the software can intelligently identify them, scan them independently, and fuse them into a single digital slice

Adopt Strong and Weak Electric Sectionalized Control to Ensure the Safety of Personnel and Instrument

High Speed and Precision XY/Z Three-dimensional Platform System
-Imported maglev linear motor: Speed 3.2m/s, acceleration 8g
-High precision full closed loop drive control system, the X/Y axis motion resolution is 100nm, and the Z-axis motion resolution is 50nm

Browser Software
- With slice library management function.
- Color distinguish slice browsing track.
- Tag ROI with different shapes, colors, and line widths, and can export tag information to EXCEL files. Regional screenshots of 2300dpi and full screenshots can be made to meet the publishing needs of periodicals and books.

Products Series Specification
Slide Tray 1-6 Slides Capacity
Slide Dimensions Thickness: 0.9-1.2mm, size: 26X76mm
Objectives 20x plan apochromatic objective, N.A. = 0.75
Light Source Customized LED Professional Light Source
Magnification 20x & 40x
Scanning platform Upscale maglev linear motor. High precision full closed loop drive control system
Scanning Resolution ≤ 0.48μm/pixel(20×)
≤ 0.24μm/pixel(40×)
Scanning Speed Scanning area 15 mm × 15 mm,
20× Scanning time ≤ 40 seconds
Focusing Technique Automatic focus, automatic search for scanning samples, It can also be set manually
Repeat positioning accuracy ≤ 0.1um
Scanning mode Brightfield scanning
Illumination System LED with fly-eye lens
Scanning mode Brightfield scanning
Field of vision 1.3mm
Software Scanning,iamge browsing and management
Weight 25kg.
The Depth of Field Fusion Yes
Barcode Support Yes
Motion Control JPEG / JPEG2000 / BMP / Tiff
Computer Processor: Intel i7, Memory: 16G, Hard Disk: 2TB, Monitor: 24in

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